Grow Q&A: How Long Is Male Cannabis Pollen Viable?

Image by Brian Jahn.

Dear Dan,
How extensive is male pollen viable for if stored in a awesome, dry place out of the sunlight? — Processor of Real truth

Dear POT,
As extensive as your male pollen is held awesome, dry and entirely airtight, it really should final for at least a few of months. However, pollen is generally most viable in the initially week or so of harvesting it.

If you certainly will need to retail store it extensive time period, be absolutely sure to use a desiccant to take in any extra dampness right before putting your gentle-tight and sealed container in a awesome darkish closet or cabinet. Steer clear of the freezer or fridge because of to higher humidity degrees.

Hold in head that the efficiency of male pollen will lessen around time, and your most effective guess is to generally use fresh new pollen in your breeding experiments. I have listened to of breeders holding pollen stored for around a 12 months with tiny degradation, but like I mentioned, it’s generally most effective to use it quicker rather than later on.

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