Kush Gets Serious

Just before the legendary cannabis-breeding enterprise Severe Seeds unveiled a new pressure identified as Severe Kush, they asked a dependable grower to test out four probable variations and assess the taste, aroma, and potency of every single. Our cultivation correspondent reports on the benefits.

A New Star Is Born

There’s no conclusion in sight for the worldwide phenomenon known as “Kushmania,” with new Kush-based strains and phenotypes popping out of the floor like mushrooms each individual thirty day period. But a person variety stands out from the rest as a uncommon and valuable specimen that deserves special focus. This new pressure will come from Severe Seeds, the renowned and lengthy-recognized seed enterprise based in the Netherlands. The pressure is identified as Severe Kush, and it is made up of a person of their traditional greatest-sellers, White Russian, crossed with the legendary OG Kush.

Even though Severe Seeds have marginally stepped up the frequency with which they launch new strains in current decades, they are still laudably pursuing their demanding high-quality-before-quantity policy, so the expectations for this new Kush variety have been higher. And according to Severe breeder Simon, their consumers will not be dissatisfied: “I’m individually very satisfied with the consequence of the Severe Kush. Also, lots of very experienced people today who experimented with it remark to me that this version is, quote, ‘the greatest they’ve at any time smoked’!”

Severe Record

For properly over two many years, Severe Seeds have been at the forefront of marijuana breeding. Established in Amsterdam in 1995 by Simon, the enterprise has gained several Hashish Cups and was a person of the inaugural entrants in our Large Occasions Seed Bank Corridor of Fame back in 2007. Even though lots of other corporations have expanded their line to include things like several dozen kinds or even additional, Simon and his team have focused on just a handful of strains and saved them bred accurate, with exceptional taste, scent and potency as properly as impeccable germination rates.

Kush Gets Serious

Severe Kush packs on weight as it matures. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

The Severe stable of strains consists of this sort of stalwarts as AK-forty seven, Kali Mist, Bubble Gum and White Russian. The seeds for these award-profitable strains are generated in compact batches and hence are normally hand-selected and contemporary. Simon’s emphasis on steadiness and regularity may perhaps have expense him a several pounds over the decades, but the track record he’s crafted for his goods continues to be impeccable. That’s why we—and the rest of the world’s cannabis connoisseurs—have been so anxiously awaiting a new launch from the Severe team.

Breeding Kush

Asked why he developed Severe Kush, Simon mentioned: “A several decades ago, when I was on a trip to Canada, any person gave me very resinous buds of an accidental cross in between White Russian and OG Kush.” The powerful pressure quickly became a most loved among the the people today who experimented with it. “It was a wonderful combo—a additional delicate but apparent and fuel-like ‘Kushy’ flavor mixed with the framework and generate of White Russian, which even following using tobacco for a lengthy period of time doesn’t eliminate its energy and attractiveness. So I made a decision to get started an real breeding job back home with White Russian and OG Kush.”

Kush Gets Serious

Breeder Simon examines a lab specimen. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

The whole procedure for breeding Severe Kush took about a year and a fifty percent. Just after the first collection stage for attainable mom and dad, Simon finished up with four different guardian combos, from which a apparent winner inevitably emerged. As Simon notes, the keeper pheno features a great new blend of Kush’s trademark fuel aroma with the sweet and spicy undertones of White Russian. Severe Kush grows to a top of 75 to eighty five centimeters when supplied four weeks of vegetative time, then demands fifty six to 63 days in the flowering stage to mature, following which growers are rewarded with three hundred to 450 grams for each sq. meter.

Kush Gets Serious

Simon and Paul of Severe Seeds seem satisfied with the benefits. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

Developing Critically

It was with a very good deal of enjoyment and delight that Mr. Power Planter approached the possibility to turn into a element of this important new breeding job. This was at the crucial stage when Simon—still not confident which cross would finally confirm to be the best—wanted to see all those different guardian lines developed out subsequent to a person a further. As Simon reports, “By this time, we experienced vegetation of the exact crosses increasing at different areas, but Mr. PP was the to start with to give a head-to-head comparison of all those lines. So his operate was very useful to give us strong hints toward discovering the most loved for which we have been seeking.”

For this exam, Mr. Power Planter received four different White Russian x OG Kush lines in the form of ten feminized seeds every single. Even though he realized these seeds have been contemporary and in ideal issue, he was surprised by the actuality that each individual solitary a person of them sprouted beautifully. A germination price of 100% from forty seeds is without doubt an extraordinary achievement. It turned out to be a wonderful get started!

Kush Gets Serious

Severe Kush exhibits comprehensive branching. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

Just after Mr. Power Planter experienced transplanted them into seven.five-liter pots, the vegetation grew fantastically in the vegetative stage. All of them shown that typical Severe high-quality, described by healthy, vigorous and compact growth on strong branches. In the veg stage, the four lines did not exhibit substantially change, apart from the actuality that two have been increasing a little bit additional compactly—but apart from that, all of the vegetation resembled every single other relatively carefully, with equivalent or identical growth patterns and the exact medium-wide, darkish-inexperienced shade leaves.

Kush Flowers

“Simon seems to have finished an superb breeding task up to this issue,” Mr. Power Planter noted, “as there by now is a pretty very good diploma of vegetative uniformity, the two within and among the these four lines.” When he switched the forty vegetation to the flowering stage following four weeks of veg growth, they have been about forty to fifty five cm tall. Pre-flowering set in about a 7 days afterwards, with all of the vegetation exhibiting what Mr. Power Planter wanted to see: woman bouquets.

Stem elongation ongoing right up until 7 days four of the flowering stage and by natural means uncovered a little bit additional dissimilarity in between the lines thanks to fairly different stretching actions. This led to a few of vegetation seeking like dense indica bushes afterwards on—albeit very properly-branched indica bushes—while the others have been taller and experienced a additional open up branching framework.

Much more discrepancies became evident in phrases of bud development. Even though the buds overall have been evidently on the indica aspect, some of them step by step differed in condition and calyx-to-leaf-ratio—no massive surprise when you have four different lines increasing. But following eight weeks of flowering, all of the buds experienced 3 crucial factors in common: They have been all very massive, very dense and very resinous!

Kush Gets Serious

Severe Kush colas swell below increase lights. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

As considerably as the eye could see, Mr. Power Planter’s sizable growroom was crowded with massive, unwanted fat head buds and intensely bud-laden aspect branches. “Now this is some seriously serious—even insane—overall high-quality!” he mentioned enthusiastically. “When I listened to that I would increase four different genetic lines from an intermediate stage of breeding, I experienced anticipated that only a person or two would accomplish very well—but unquestionably not all of them to rock the exhibit in this sort of a beautiful way! Just wonderful … some of these vegetation are among the the most resinous cannabis specimens I have at any time witnessed. They’re so white that a person receives almost blinded by the extraordinary abundance of resin that seems be to dripping out of the buds!”

Severe Scents

“The super-loaded aroma of these vegetation is furthermore extraordinary,” Mr. Power Planter ongoing. “Here we have a higher diploma of variation as a make any difference of class, with two of the four lines basically providing off that typical Kush odor, sweetened with a sugary notice of White Russian. I presume that these two lines will be shortlisted by Simon, as a ‘Kushy’ aroma unquestionably is an important collection criterion for him.”

The flowering occasions ran about eight to ten weeks, with most of the vegetation maturing in between weeks eight and 9. When Simon arrived to inspect the vegetation following eight weeks of flowering, he was stoked by the sight of Mr. Power Planter’s benefits. He fortunately sniffed all-around the growroom, busily made notes about the plants’ traits and took some images. “Making a decision is not heading to be uncomplicated in fact,” he informed Mr. Power Planter. “And, of class, I also require to include things like the real dry conclusion-goods into my option.”

Yielding Kush

Once Mr. Power Planter experienced harvested and dried his complete White Russian x OG Kush crop, the normal generate turned out to be about ninety grams for each plant, which Mr. PP considered remarkably outstanding for an experimental pressure. He experienced also gained an abundance of intensely resinous leafy product from the harvest that would afterwards be processed into loads of primo hashish. Without the need of a doubt, this new Severe pressure experienced confirmed to be a supremely productive hash plant as properly.

Kush Gets Serious

Dry Severe Kush bud packs an indica punch. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

Simon was eager to get some thorough suggestions as before long as attainable. Specified the sheer mass of buds harvested, exam-using tobacco them all in a shorter period of time of time would be an difficult task, so Mr. Power Planter—together with a few of friends—decided to aim on a assortment of selected specimens from every single of the four lines.

Severe Screening

All of these exceptional and exceptionally frosty buds seemed and smelled like accurate champions. The fuel scent generated by two of the lines experienced not only survived the drying procedure but experienced even gained in intensity, while mixed with notes of sweetness and spiciness. The other two lines have been sweet and savory, also promising a mouth watering flavor working experience.

Examination-using tobacco the dried buds felt like an thrilling feast. The men weren’t shocked at all when each individual solitary nugget they sampled turned out to pack a jaw-dropping indica punch that introduced on a enormously strong feeling of stoniness and relaxation—one powerful more than enough to astound even jaded smokers like Mr. Power Planter and his buddies. As Mr. PP claimed: “This is eye-rollingly rigorous marijuana coming with all the hallmarks preferred from a mighty Kush strain—a full-blast body-and-head flip long lasting for several hours and offering a deep, lengthy-long lasting breath of blissful relaxation that gives you glazed eyes and a feeling of acquiring your head in the clouds.

“These indica-pushed results are wonderful for unwinding and assuaging tension and suffering, so I’m confident that Severe Kush will turn into very popular with healthcare clients. Some of the buds also uncovered a lofty sativa influence following the to start with tokes—which sooner or afterwards gave way to that mighty indica hammer, while. As for the taste, all the buds delivered an rigorous burst of spicy sweetness that lingered on the tongue and palate very long—a yummy full-mouth flavor that was deeply appreciated by all of us.”

Kush Gets Serious

Simon demonstrates off his most recent development. (Picture by Environmentally friendly Born Id)

All four of the probable Severe Kush lines experienced handed Mr. Power Planter’s exam increase with traveling colors. Just after Simon was ready to exam a collection of the dry buds himself, he claimed several weeks afterwards that he’d preferred line number 3 as the winner—one of the two lines with a highly effective Kush aroma—and would continue on the breeding procedure with the parental mix from which it experienced emerged.

It did not consider lengthy for Simon to announce the formal title of his new pressure, Severe Kush, and assure that it would strike the market place in early 2017. Mr. Power Planter and his buddies have been totally certain that when it did, Severe Kush would capture the hearts of Kush fans everywhere you go. The to start with formal confirmation arrived when Mr. Power Planter’s good friend Cloudz entered Severe Kush (at that issue still identified as White Russian Kush) into the ICMag Cup 2016 and took home third put in the Indica Growers category.

The put up Kush Gets Severe appeared to start with on Large Occasions.

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