Lemon Heaven: An In-Depth Look at Lemon Strains

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Large TIMES takes a nearer check out, odor and style of one particular of 2017’s most popular flower flavors: Lemon.

The citrus flavor explodes on the tongue mere times immediately after the smoke of a fresh chunk of Super Lemon Haze hits the style buds. Then, the much more clearly defined style starts to distinguish itself as the generic—yet constantly welcome—”citrus” piquancy provides way to a luscious lemon that almost receives your mouth juicing and delivers total sensory fulfillment not a lot of weed strains can equivalent.

But this indoor-developed Super Lemon Haze smoke is far from finishing its head-boosting mission, as it joins the bloodstream and starts to work its metabolite magic in cohesion with our body’s personal endocannabinoid procedure. This is definitely an energetic and inspiring pressure.

Clearly, if there has been one particular dominant dank flavor for the very first fifty percent of 2017 in lawful medicinal and recreational states, specially when it comes to sativa strains, it has to be Lemon. Weed excels when it shows that fruit juicy style, boosting the over-all using tobacco knowledge, as opposed to other strains that bare much more woodland or hash-like qualities.

Consuming a Lemon pressure can be akin to a wine tasting knowledge, in which the “bouquet” of the bud can be taken in very first with the olfactory glands, savoring the aroma to the place where by it seems a shame to put the flower to the flame. 

With that in head, we determined it was overdue to acquire a nearer evaluation of Lemon-oriented strains and what makes them one of a kind, delicious and oh-so-powerful, by talking to expert ganja growers and looking into fans and cultivators’ commentary on Lemon strains by using the website. We also provided a little bit of own knowledge, to depart no Lemon query unpeeled.


1 of the defining Lemon strains is the eighty percent sativa-dominant Super Lemon Haze (SLH), which gained the Large TIMES Cannabis Cup in 20008 and 2009, back again when it was completely held in Amsterdam. Per Wikileaf, SLH’s dad and mom are Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, a pair of powerful sativa-dominant hybrids that genetically unify to create an even tastier, much more head-blowing sativa-dom.

According to DNA Genetics, Lemon Skunk is a 60 percent sativa hybrid with both equally domestic (Las Vegas) and worldwide (Holland) dad and mom, and a pressure that can produce good style if flowering is limited to 50-56 days.

Sativa-dominant Super Silver Haze is a famous pressure originating in the 1990’s, and it gained a few consecutive Cannabis Cups spanning 1997-99.

Super Silver Haze is a sophisticated cross of powerful sativa pressure Haze, pure indica Northern Lights and typical hybrid Skunk #1. From this breakdown, it is obvious SLH experienced a ton go into it to create this kind of a delicious, cerebral pressure.


Of system, the too much to handle attribute associated with Lemon strains is the pungent, fruity, citrus aroma, style and even aftertaste. This is because of to Lemon strain’s one of a kind terpene profile terpenes staying the fragrant molecules on pot flowers that decide the distinct flavor of a specified pressure, this kind of as SLH. 

A strain’s “terpenoid profile” can differ considerably, for case in point, from a Lemon pressure as opposed to a further pressure, this kind of as indica-dominant Granddaddy Purple. This can impact every little thing from the depth of the superior to the medicinal characteristics.

A cannabis cultivator in lawful medicinal condition Michigan delivered insights into Super Lemon Haze harvesting. This grower famous the one of a kind characteristics of the psychoactive qualities of Super Lemon Haze: “The buzz is great for staying lively, it does not drag you down at all. It makes me get up and do stuff!”

An on-line board member of the Roll It Up discussion board praised SLH developed by Inexperienced Household Seeds, noting that opening a jar “towards the close of overcome is like sticking your nose into a sweet clean lemon.”

Then, there are the indica-dominant Lemon strains—not as frequent, but continue to out there, specially at lawful dispensaries. 

1 case in point is Lemon Fuel from Madrone Cultivators, which we have personally sampled from a local San Francisco dispensary. Lemon Fuel is rather distinct from any Lemon Haze strains we have tried—the indica staying extremely powerful, which appeared to correspond with the diminished flavor of the Lemon Fuel flower’s terpenes, as nicely as in the smoke, inhaled as a result of a glass pipe.

Making LEMON

On July thirteen, we experienced the good fortune to converse at length with Matthew Woolley, government director of Legion of Bloom, a high quality cannabis firm located in Northern California. Woolley described his cultivating course of action of developing in lifted beds making use of amended soil (enhanced with additives), which are all absolutely free of chemical vitamins and minerals that create a extremely flavorful end result.

Woolley added that cultivating cannabis organically performs a incredible function in generating a definitely superior terpene information. Developing a healthier flower with a excellent odor and style seems like a “win-win” as far as we’re worried!

The cannabis farmer we spoke with in Michigan stated: “The SLH phenotypes (the physical expression dependent on a plant’s genetic make-up) that I experienced (8 distinct phenos), all grew significant outside, huge, 8 ft close to and 8 ft tall. 1 could have developed 10 ft close to and 10 ft tall, if I allow it. The sativa genes created them improve so tall—even indoors.  

“SLH can take care of as a lot of vitamins and minerals as you throw at it,” he added. “The pressure appeared to resist mildew, mould and bud rot extremely, extremely nicely.”  

The grower’s only complaint? “I would like it experienced a shorter flowering time, as it clocks in close to 65-70 days.”

1 on-line cultivator famous that the White Lemon pressure from Inexperienced Household Seeds did not create the ideal quantity immediately after vegging for thirty days less than 400 mh lights and flowering less than a 400 watt superior force sodium improve light procedure. The discussion board member posted: “An normal produce for a excellent pressure, with a extremely fruity and citrus odor.”

PUNGENT & Well known

About the current recognition of flavorful strains this kind of as Lemon, Matt Woolley commented: “‘I’ve noticed a craze with fruitier flavors, cannabis strains with fruitier terpene profiles have begun to obtain recognition. For the longest time, it appeared like the much more ‘gassier,’ fuel-tasting variety strains (like Sour Diesel) ended up the most common, but now it seems like the Lemon strains and the fruitier strains are producing much more of a surge in recognition.”

“Fruit is a flavor anyone can identify with,” he added, “and with the similar terpenes staying in fruit also staying existing in these cannabis strains, which is a correlation that men and women can make.”

When questioned if much more flavorful strains this kind of as SLH will have even much more charm to novice pot people at the time the recreational current market in California opens in 2018, Woolley was rapid to concur, and elaborated: “I do believe terpene profiles will be extremely crucial likely ahead in the grownup-use (recreational) current market. I believe men and women will gravitate in direction of strains that have that pungent odor.

“By the extremely nature of it owning a pungent flavor and odor, it is likely to established alone apart in the grownup-use marketplace, and turn into the preferred option over a pressure that may possibly not be so ‘loud’ in conditions of flavor,” he continued. “The similar could be stated on the clinical cannabis side, even though clients are understandably much more concentrated on the outcomes of a specified pressure compared to the flavor.”

Matt Woolley and Legion of Bloom have cultivated various Lemon strains, one particular of the most stylish staying a pressure known as “Nina Limon,” playfully named for pop singer Nina Simone. We have personally sampled this sativa-dominant hybrid, which is bursting with flavors that makes the person really feel like they’ve downed a glass of lemonade, or it’s possible have a lemon sweet less than their tongue, with Limon’s bountiful aftertaste.


Not shockingly, cannabis concentrates of Lemon strains are also producing an impact on the medicinal and recreational marketplaces. Lemon extract products are not only wildly popular—they’ve been reaping benefits!  Goods like Lemon Skunk Rocks by Received Meds took very first position for “Best Medicinally Infused Product” at the 2017 Midwest Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Most impressively, “Best Sativa Concentrate” was captured by Lemon Punch, created by Maze Floriculture and Moxie Michigan.


At last, it is constantly crucial that the use of cannabis as a healing agent by no means be disregarded in the ganja gold rush to gain off the recreational current market. Trying to get to greatly enhance the flavor and style of flowers can actually have significant medicinal gains. 

In that regard, Matt Woolley famous, “there are back links between the terpene profiles doing work with selected cannabinoids in an interaction generating what is frequently referred to as the ‘entourage impact,’ which can have what clinical clients are looking for.”

When Matt referenced the ‘entourage impact,’ he was not referring to a cable Tv display, but alternatively, as famous by Job CBD, it is the synergistic interaction of cannabis’ hundreds of trace compounds, together with THC, CBD and, indeed, terpenoids. This mixture of compounds building enhanced gains defines cannabis as a polypharmaceutical plant. 

In the context of Lemon flowers, this indicates that all all those amazing smells and preferences that linger very long immediately after the smoke is exhaled are actually doing work with each other to make a much more healthier you, placing an added smile on your working day along with that good buzz and flavor of SLH and her sister strains.

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