What Are SunRocks?

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You’ve probably listened to of MoonRocks, but what are SunRocks? The strategy is related to MoonRocks, which are nugs completely coated in oil and rolled in kief. They look like a inexperienced edition of powdered donut holes or munchkins. Having said that, SunRocks look unique and rumor has it they will get you even larger.

MoonRocks vs. SunRocks

As long as buds, kief and oil are associated, you obtained yourself a MoonRock. Any mix of those people three will get you a MoonRock. It does not matter if two unique strains or consistencies of wax are utilised.

SunRocks consider matters a action even more than the moon.

At Massive Tray Deee’s SunRocks, only leading-shelf OG nugs and extracts are utilised in the system. A nug run extract is drizzled onto the nugs ahead of a kief coating is released. The final product or service even now seems like a nug from the length. The moment you touch it or look up shut, you’ll see the oil coating.

With MoonRocks, you could be having a crappy nug, concealed less than bad wax and coated in the most inexpensive kief dollars can purchase. The problem with that is you probably wouldn’t know it until eventually you purchase it. You are going to have to split 1 open up and smoke it ahead of you understand your dollars could have been greater invested.

It is simpler to notify you’re having high-quality ahead of you even smoke with SunRocks. At initially glance, each and every nug ought to be sparkling.

What are SunRocks potency like in contrast to MoonRocks? Evidently, the most effective MoonRocks check at all over sixty % THC. That is all over the same share as weaker SunRocks. Massive Tray Deee’s promises that their SunRocks check at around eighty % THC.

How To Smoke A SunRock

Unless of course you want your grinder consuming a bunch of the kief and oil, your nug is lined with you’ll have to obtain a safer way to break up your SunRocks. We propose working with scissors to carefully lower it into lesser pieces. You can then smoke it out of a pipe, bong or even a blunt wrap. Regardless of what your desire is, SunRocks are a action higher than MoonRocks in potency, so treat them that way.

You can probably sprinkle pieces of SunRocks into a blunt comprehensive of common weed and even now boost your working experience. MoonRocks have been produced for men and women wanting for a way to get larger than cigarette smoking flowers on your own. SunRocks are produced for those people that want to get larger than they would with MoonRocks, but maybe not as a lot as doing a unwanted fat dab. If you’re an inexperienced hashish client, we propose getting warning. Snoop Dogg informed the Breakfast Club that MoonRocks have been much too a lot for him so we can not consider what SunRocks would do.

The submit What Are SunRocks? appeared initially on Substantial Situations.

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